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At Mobile Physical Medicine & Wellness, PC, Dr. Edward M. Schnitzer offers the highest level of medical treatment, while emphasizing a compassionate and personalized approach towards patient care. His staff is well trained and each team member works hard to ensure that each patient receives the necessary treatment and information about their care in a respectful manner. 

Treatment of the Neck & Low Back

Treatment for Neck and Low Back Pain depends on the nature and severity of the condition. 

    • Cervical and Lumbar Disc Herniation (Neck and Low Back Disc Herniation)
    • Cervical and Lumbar Disc Strain (Neck and Low Back Strain)
    • Myofascial (Muscle) Pain
Suboxone Treatments

Suboxone is one of several branded medications, otherwise known by the chemical name buprenorphine.  This group of medications helps affected patients function in a more stable manner, while significantly decreasing most of the cravings which are typical of many other prescription narcotics, as well as of some illicit drugs.

Chronic Pain from Other Diseases

Chronic Pain can come from a long list of conditions such as cancer, arthritis, previous trauma, etc. 

Botox Injections for Migraine Headaches

Botox injections are done in the office, are safe, and typically take less than 30 minutes to complete (depending on which muscles are injected.) The injections usually cause minimal pain, but some patients may feel mild discomfort during the procedure. Botox injections relax the muscles so they can be stretched more easily. This also frequently results in an increased range of motion of the injected muscle(s). 

Electrodiagnostic Testing

An electrodiagnostic exam typically involves two parts: a nerve conduction study and electromyography, or EMG. This test is a valuable diagnostic tool and may help the physician pinpoint a specific cause of a nerve or muscle condition. 

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